Our passion for the environment


Kaitiakitanga – Our passion for the environment.

Kaitiakitanga is a Maori term that means guardianship of the land.

We never take our stunning environment for granted and are committed to preserving our piece of paradise here in the South Pacific. If you as our tour guest notice anywhere we can reduce our footprint on the environment, please let us know. We would truly appreciate your knowledge, feedback and ideas.

Wildsouth Discovery treads carefully on the land.

The Tiaki Promise – Care for New Zealand

The Tiaki Promise is a nation-wide commitment by both visitors and locals to care for New Zealand while travelling, for now and for future generations.

It embodies three elements:
1. Caring for land, sea and nature by treading lightly and leaving no trace.
2. Travelling safely, by showing care and consideration for all.
3. Finally, respecting culture by travelling with an open heart and mind.

We encourage our visitors to embrace the Tiaki Promise as we do ourselves.

Manaakitanga – Our hospitality
In Maori culture, Manaakitanga is a traditional value that is central to society, and inspires the way that travellers are made to feel welcome.Wildsouth Discovery are extremely proud to host our guests and showcase beautiful South Island, and we aim to embody this value in everything we do.Providing safe and peaceful travels, recommending the best things to do in the regions, and going above and beyond to ensure your stay is one to remember.
moeraki boulders wildsouth discovery
Moeraki Boulders - Koekohe Beach

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